• Custom order – we can custom make to specific quantities on a repeat basis exactly as you require with no minimum order.
  • Rapid order fulfilment – we deliver faster thanks to local supply connections and regional delivery timeframes.
  • Quality at a competitive price – We offer our quality furniture at a competitive rate compared to Asian mass-market producers due to our exclusive supply-side discount arrangements and no import duties within the GCC (see below)
  • No Import Duties – There is no 5% import tax within the GCC for our products – a duty imposed on Asian mass-market producers.
  • Arabic, English and French – Our unique Arab-European ownership and business structure means we have the cultural and linguistic capabilities to serve you in your language.
  • Logistics – Our Dubai World Central location is an ideal geographical and regional hub for the GCC and North African markets, and beyond.
  • Safe Banking – Dubai is a trusted financial hub for the region and subject to strict international banking regulations, facilitating safe and trusted business transactions.
  • Management & Regional Experience – Our two managing partners have combined business experience of over 35 years serving the GCC, African and European regions.